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14th or 15th Century Illustrations of Nomad Turkmen of Persia or Anatolia

From Manuscript Hazine 2153 (Fatih Album), of the Saray Albums, Topkapi Palace Museum, Istanbul Turkey

Siyah Qalem (black pen) school

f38a Turkmen Hammering

f38b Group of three Turkmen and a donkey

3 Turkmen and a plant

f152a Performance

f84a Turkmen Nomad grazing his horse

f105a A falling Stone

f14a The stubborn donkey

A donkey defecating

f55a Wandering Dervishes

f113a Horse and Turkmen Nomads Seeking Grazing

f38b Two Turkmen leaning on staves

f8b Turkmen Nomad camp

f92b Three Turkmen

f118b A Turkmen nomad leading his horse by the reins

f54a Fragment from a Turkmen Caravan Scene

f38a Turkmen Nomads leading an ox

f65a Two Turkmen by candlelight

f73b Turkmen untying a rope

Turkish Cultural Foundation. Nurhan Atasoy Archive.
J.M. Rogers, The arts of Islam. Masterpieces from the Khalili collection, London 2010.

The Fatih album has a mixture of paintings and caligraphy from a variety of sources, so the places and dates of production are uncertain.
A Turcoman Tribesman in Armies and Enemies of the Crusades 1096-1291 by Ian Heath, based on the Siyah Qalem paintings.
Images of Hazine 2153 from Pieter Derideaux
More images of Hazine 2153 from the University of Washington

Aq Qoyunlu (White Sheep) Turkmen in the Divan of Hidayat
Aq Qoyunlu (White Sheep) Turkmen in the Fatih album (Hazine 2153)
Turkmen Soldiers from Hazine 2152
Turkmen Soldiers from Hazine 2160
Illustrations of Turkmen of Anatolia from Iskandar-namah (The Book of Alexander the Great), 1416
Turkic Prisoner, in a 16th century Persian painting.
The Turkoman prisoner, in a 17th century Indian painting.

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