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Illustrations from

Kitāb al-diryāq, 1198-99
(Book of Potions)

Probably from northern Mesopotamia (Jazira), Zangid dependency of the Ayyubid Sultanate.

folio. 5, Medicine: Pharmacopoeia.

f. 15, Medicine: Pharmacopoeia.

f. 17, Heraclides of Taranto at the apothecary.

f. 22, Andromachus overseeing the harvest.

f. 27, Healing the favorite at the King's pavilion.

f. 19, Andromachus and man bitten by a snake.

f. 31, Proklos, Pythagoras & Heraclides of Taranto.

f. 32, Galien, Magnus Emesis & Philagrios.

f. 34, Marinos, Andromachus & young Andromachus.

f. 36, Protection by the stars.

f. 37, Protection by the stars.

Source: Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris, Ms. Arabe 2964

Referenced by CLOTHING The Saljuqs and the post-Saljuq period.

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