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Kalila and Dimna

Persian translation by Nasr Allah Munshi, 13th Century

The Book of Kalila wa Dimna, also called Fables of Bidpai, is a collection of Indian fables translated into Arabic by Ibn al-Muqaffa in 750.
Intended for the moral education of princes, this collection has two jackal heroes Kalila and Dimna.


Source: Turkish Cultural Foundation.

The Birdcatcher and the Doves, f.99. Source

Possibly created in Baghdad or Mosul. Manuscript Hazine 363, Topkapi Palace Library, Istanbul.

Referenced as figure 174 in The military technology of classical Islam by D Nicolle
174. Manuscript Kalila wa Dimna, 13th century AD, Mamlūk Egyptian, Topkapu Lib. Ms. Hazine 363, ff. 6r, 20v, 96v, 107 and 124, Istanbul.

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