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Articles and Illustrations of Soldiers - Russia

The Vikings in Russia by Steven Lowe
The Pechenegs by Steven Lowe and Dmitriy V. Ryaboy
Joshua and his military retinue, fresco, 11th-century, St Sophia Museum, Kiev
Russian Cavalryman, 11th-12th Centuries, from Armies of Feudal Europe 1066-1300 by Ian Heath
Cuman Cavalryman from Armies and Enemies of the Crusades 1096-1291 by Ian Heath
Scenes from the Life of King David. Simon Psalter, Monastery of St George, Novgorod, 1290s. Historical Museum, Moscow, Russia.
Theodore Stratelates, 'Fyodorovsky Gospel', Yaroslavl, Russia, c. 1327.
Russian Icon of Martyrs: Boris and Gleb, second quarter of the 14th century. State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.
A stone carving of a horse & rider in Dagestan, late 14th century
Russian Medieval Arms And Armor by John Sloan
Ivan the Great and his 1499-1503 Campaigns, Part One - The Lithuanian Campaign by C N Hammersley
Ivan the Great and his 1499-1503 Campaigns, Part Three - The Tartar Wars by C N Hammersley
Russian Medieval Armour Terms
Renaissance Muscovites by George Gush
Renaissance Muscovites (continued) by George Gush
The Sixteenth Century Muscovite Army by Lt.Col. Dianne Smith
The Battle of Orsha (Orsza), Poland-Lithuania vs Russia, 1514. Painted c.1524-1530.
Portrait of Vasili III, Prince of Moscow by Erhard Schön, 1528
The Streltzi (1550 - 1705) by Richard L. Sanders
The Cossack Military System as described by the Sieur De Beauplan
The Muscovite Army Of Ivan IV, The Terrible by Dianne Smith
Muscovite Cavalryman, by Lucas d'Heere, about 1575
Reception of the Russian Embassy at the Austrian Court of Emperor Maximilian II in 1576
Russian 16th Century Soldiers by Cesare Vecellio, 1590
Smolensk, 'Chronicles of Poland', 1597AD, the Russians capture the city from the Lithuanians
The Old Wild East of Renaissance Europe: the Muscovite Conquest of Siberia by M. Bennett & P. Hitchin.
Illustrations of the conquest of Siberia from Remezov's Chronicle by Semyon Ulyanovich Remezov
Osman Pasa and Ja'far Pasa, Ottoman governor of Shirvan, in battle against the Cossacks, 1597
Illustrations of 17th century Russians after Olearius
'Russian armament from the 14th century until the second half of the 17th century' by Aleksandr Viskovatov
Zaporozhian Cossacks in chaika attacking Turkish galleys in the Black Sea in a Pāshānameh, c. 1630. British Library, Sloane 3584
The Russian Army at the Siege of Riga 1656 by Vladimir Velikanov 2.2MB
Russian Army At Grodno 1657 by Vlad Velikanov
Surviving Streltzy Flags of the late 17th century
Ukrainian and Cossack 17th Century Costume
Notes On The Russian Army Of The 17th Century by Vladimir Velikanov
Prints of Russians after Caspar Luyken, 1703
The Russian Regiments Raised By Peter The Great For The 1700 Campaign by Vladimir Velikanov
Great Northern War Russian Infantry Colours Pre-1712 by Vladimir Velikanov
Battle of Jacobstadt 1704 by Hugo E. Uddgren 1.2MB
Battle of Gemäuerth of 1705 by H.E. Uddgren 2.3MB
Battle of Kalisz 1706 by Jan Wimmer 1.3MB
Battle of Pälkäne 1713 by H.E. Uddgren 1.8MB
Battle of Storkyro 1714 by H.E. Uddgren 1.6MB
Notes On Russian Old Army Units In The Great Northern War by Vladimir Velikanov
Russo-Turkish War of 1806-1812: Volume I by Alexander Ivanovich Mikhailovsky-Danilevsky
Order of Battle of the Russian Army, Battle of Eylau, January 27th, 1807, by Jonathan Gingerich
Order of Battle of the Russian Army of Turkey, Russo-Turkish War, Battle of Batin, l809, by George Nafziger
Russian Generals Of The Napoleonic Wars Period
Russian Line Horse Artillery - 1812, by Stephen Heap. Military Modelling February 1976.
Russian German Legion Napoleonic Uniforms
Mark Conrad’s Home Page - Russian Military History (18th-19th centuries)

Index of Illustrations of Costume and Soldiers