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Persian Musketeers of the Chehel Sotoun frescoes

Most of the frescoes of the main hall were finished in or after 1647 during the reign of Shah Abbas II. It is likely the dress represents this period.

Musketeers At The Battle of Taher-Abad

This is a detail from one of the six large frescos in the main hall of the Chehel Sotoun in Isfahan. It depicts the Battle of Taher-Abad in 1510. There are three musketeers marching together and another partially hidden behind a horse. They wear short-sleeved, short jackets with collars and buttons down the front over a long sleeved garment. They wear narrow sashes. The partially hidden figure wears dark hose with white garters and his sword is visible. The colours of clothing are quite varied. A variety of hats are worn.
Photo by youngrobv.

A detail from another of the large frescos - showing Shah Tahmasp receiving the exiled Moghul Emperor Humayan in 1544.

Two figures have slung muskets. There is some damage in the area of the headgear but the left-hand figure seems to have a dark turban around a yellow conical cap. The other has a pointed hat with an up-turned brim with a dark edging. They wear below-the-knee length robes with collars. These are buttoned up the front rather than left-over-right closure. A dagger can be seen in the sash of the left-hand figure.
The archer next to them has a very unusual hat. Photo by youngrobv.

Hunters With Muskets Carrying Kill in a Chehel Sotoun fresco.

Hunters With Muskets Carrying Kill in a Chehel Sotoun fresco.

These 2 photos are of one of the smaller frescoes in various stages of restoration. The left-hand figure wears a broad-brimmed hat with a band; the other two have hats that are perhaps turkic influenced. They wear short jackets buttoned down the front with collars. The left figure may have a lace collar or ruff. Sashes are worn. The left figure's jacket has short wide sleeves with coloured bands. Two have crenalated cuffs in one version. They wear breeches and hose with garters.
Two have shoes while the centre figure has short boots that button-up the side. Left photo by 'FZ AZ at fotopages, 2006', right photo by 'unknown'.

Nader Shah's victory against the Moghul Army at Karnal in 1739

This was painted latter than the others - some time after 1739.
Persian musketeers on the left exchange fire with Moghul musketeers on the right. Beards are worn by all. Longer robes are worn. The persian hats may be fur with a coloured bag. Photo by youngrobv.

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