Dr. Kaempfer's Album of Persian Costumes and Animals
Musketeers, 1684-5

09   a royal bodyguard and a musketeer. The bearded bodyguard stands, legs crossed, with eyes cast downwards while resting upon his long musket. Small bags and a daggar hang from the sash tied around his waist. The musketeer stands opposite, with his equally long musket slung over his shoulder. A long sword and purse hang from his tied sash, while a feather protrudes from his hat.

Referenced by “Part 18 - Persians and other easterners” by George Gush in Renaissance Warfare, Airfix magazine:
e and fPersian musketeers, 17th Century. Felt hats again of types often worn by Persian foot throughout our period, as are the grey-white 'puttees', white socks and black shoes. Persian musketeers replaced the bandolier of Westerners with the envelope-shaped pouches shown. Musketeer on left (e) has black hat, crimson coat, red and silver waist sash, grey breeches, red strip at top of 'puttees', black powder horn on gold cord, black scabbards with gilt fittings, and gilt buttons. Royal Guard on right (f) has grey-brown hat with crimson binding and yellow feathers in gilt holder; light green coat, crimson shirt, and scarlet trousers. Trim on upper jacket is brown with red edges (could be fur). Gun may be flintlock as Shah Abbas had some 'fusiliers'.

A Royal Bodyguard and Usher in Dr. Kaempfer's Album of Persian Costumes and Animals, 1684-5
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