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Illustrations of Persians by Westerners (including Ottomans)

De gli habiti antichi, e moderni di diverse parti del mondo libri due by Cesare Vecellio, 1590Hans Weigel's Trachtenbuch, 1577



Ein Persier Herr. A Persian Soldier.

Illustrations de Les navigations, peregrinations et voyages faicts en la Turquie by Nicolas de Nicolay, 1576

Gentilhomme Persien
Persian Gentleman.
by Lucas d'Heere, about 1575

Persian Woman and Man
The Habits of the Grand Signor's Court. c1620.

A Persian dervish.

Peter Mundy's Album, "A briefe relation of the Turckes, their kings, Emperors, or Grandsigneurs, their conquests, religion, customes, habbits, etc" Istanbul 1618

Folio 50v. A Persian youth wearing a red cloak with fur lining, a loosely-wound Safavid turban with red taj (baton), silver robe with black cloud design, black trousers, white boots.

Folio 51v A Persian woman holding a pomegranate in her left hand. She wears a white shawl over a blue tunic, mauve girdle and mauve trousers. Her high headdress is pointed and has a white cloth extending from it.

Folio 57v. An Armenian youth 'out of Persia' who wears a pale blue kaftan open at front to a mauve tunic, red trousers, brown shoes, astrakhan hat, gold belt.
by Peter Paul Rubens, 1609-1612by Henri Bonnart 1678-1711

Rubens' Costume Book. British Museum.

Gentilhomme Persien.
Persian Gentleman.
by Peter Paul Rubens, 1609-1612

costume notes in Flemish, e.g.: "Coninck van Persien", "gout en groen met root en groen wase", "zee groen met goude blome", "sabel", "Persiaensche Jonghe dochter", "de vingeren root geschildert", "Turcks werkc met voederken", "spiegel". British Museum.

"Ein Persianischer Fürst"
A Persian prince. Abraham a Sancta Clara's "Neu-eröffnete Welt-Galleria".

Dräktboken - Ralamb Costume Book - Claes Rålamb 1657



Compare this hat to Dr. Kaempfer's Album
& Shah Abbas I receiving Vali Nadr Muhammad Khan

Persian woman

by Caspar Luyken, 1703Der Kern Turkischer Geschichte, 1739

Ein Persianischer Edelman. A Persian Nobleman.


A Persian warrior on horseback, with two followers riding behind. c.1821 After Alexander Orłowski

Persian Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers
Index of Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers