Illustration from the Tarikh-i jahanara of 1683

A Battle Scene.

A larger image of a Persian Battle Scene from The Tarikh-i Jahanara, Chronicle of the World-Adorning One, 1683

The Tarikh-i jahanara (The Chronicle of the World-Adorning One) is one of a group of anonymous ‘pseudo-histories’
of the Safavid Shah Isma‘il, who, in 1501, established Twelver Shi‘ism as the state religion of Iran.
The text has been described as a ‘delightful agglomeration of tall tales’ about Isma‘il, his ancestors and his followers.
1683 (AH 1094), Per 278, f. 77a    Source: Chester Beatty Library, Dublin Castle, Dublin

The Battle of Najm from the Tarikh-i jahanara
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