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Illustrations from a 14th Century Shahnama, copied in Tabriz, Iran
in Codex Hazine 2153, an album of illustrations and calligraphy, Topkapi Sarai Museum

Illustrations that may have been removed from the 'Great Mongol Shahnama' some time before it was mutilated by Demotte.

f8r. Rustam Meets Isfandiyar

f22v. Manuchihr kills Salm and Tur

f28v. Enthronement Scene with an Elephant Outside

f32r. The Simurgh Carries Zal to
its Nest

f55r. Jamshid Teaches the Crafts

f55v. Guayumarth [Kayumars?] Enthroned

f112r. The murder of the poet Daqiqi

f112r. Zal Shoots Waterfowl while
Rudaba's Ladies Watch

f112v. Zal Shooting a Tree

f156v. Sam Sees Zal in the Simurgh's Nest
Source: "The Great Mongol Shahnama: Some Proposed Repatriations", in J.Gonnella, F.Weis and C.Rauch (eds), The Diez Albums. Contexts and Contents (Leiden and Boston, 2017), 441-68.

Other images from Topkapi Sarai Museum, Istanbul, manuscript Hazine 2153:
Jalayrid Mongols in Hazine 2153, Topkapi Sarai Museum
Aq Qoyunlu (White Sheep) Turkmen in the Fatih album (Hazine 2153)
Turkmen Nomads from Hazine 2153
Public punishment of three miscreants, second half of 15th century, Timurid, Tabriz, Iran (Hazine 2153)
Battle between two warriors on horseback, c.1478-90, Timurid, Tabriz, Iran (Hazine 2153)

Ilkhanid Illustrations in the “Great Mongol” (Demotte) Shah-Nameh (Shahnama), Tabriz, Persia, c.1335.
Other Illustrations of Ilkhanid Mongols and Successors in 14th Century Persia and surrounds
Persian Illustrations of Costume and Soldiers