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Selected illustrations of mostly 14th century Ilkhanids and Jalayrids in
The Diez Album A Fol. 70.

Staatsbibliothek Berlin, Orientabteilung

Image 001
p.1: Jagdszene - Hunting scene

Image 006
p.3, No. 1: Audienz in einem Zelt - Audience in a tent

Image 021
p.6, No. 1: Folterung von Gefangenen - Torture of prisoners

Image 040
p.9, No. 1: Begrüßung - Greeting

Image 041
p.9, No. 2: Kampf an einem Fluss - Battle on a river

Image 062
p.12: Beizjäger - Falconer

Image 064
p.14, No. 1: Reiterzweikampf - Mounted duel

Image 066
p.15: Beizjagd - Falconer

Image 067
p.16, No. 1: Fußwaschung - Foot washing

Image 076
p.17, No. 1: Reiterkampf - Cavalry fight

Image 092
p.19, No. 1: Rasende Pferde - Frenzied Horses

Image 106
p.24, No. 1: Drachenkampf - Dragon fight

Image 115
p.25: Drachenkampf in einer Landschaft - Dragon fight in a landscape
Staatsbibliothek Berlin, Orientabteilung, MS Diez A Fol. 70.
Held by Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin

Also from this album: Jami' al-Tawarikh by Rashid al-Din. Staatsbibliothek Berlin, Orientabteilung, MS Diez A Fol. 70
and Jalayrids Fight in front of a city gate. Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Diez A fol 70, image 2.
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