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Ottoman Illustrations from:

Paintings by Jean-Baptiste Vanmour (Van Mour), 1671-1737

Source: Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, the museum of the Netherlands. About Vanmour

You will note that Vanmour used the same composition for Greeks from different islands.

Procession of the Sultan in Istanbul

Prints based on paintings by Jean-Baptiste Vanmour (Van Mour), from 1699 to 1708
Ottoman Court Officials.
Ottoman Government and Religious.
Ottoman Military.
Turkish Civilian.
Asian and African.

Links to Paintings by Title

Sultan Ahmed III
The Sultana Mother
Grand Vizier
Sadrazam, the Grand Vizier, in Ceremonial Dress and Turban
The Kizlar Ağası, head of the black eunuchs. He is the keeper of the harem of the Great Lord
The Kapısı Ağası (Ak Ağa), or chief of the white eunuchs
Kapıcı Başı, or Master of Ceremonies
The Kazasker (Kadi El Asker), Chief of the military laws. There is one for European and one for Asian
Abdullah Efendi
Reis Efendi
The Yeniçeri Ağası, or commander of Janissaries
Kul Kahyasi
Janissary in ceremonial dress
The Silahtar Ağası, or sword bearer of the Great Lord
Dervish, or Turkish monk that spins through devotion
Baş Çavuş
Patmos man
Patmos girl
Tinos man
Tinos lady
Mykonos man
Mykonos lady
Greek of the islands of the archipelago, playing the Tabour
Albanian herder
Turkish lady
Turkish girl who embroiders
Greek priest
Levent, or Marine
Kythnos man
Kythnos girl
Albanian Soldier, Arnaut
Albanian lady
Bulgarian girl

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