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The Rålamb Costume Book
A Digital Presentation
a manuscript in the Royal Library

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Military Pictures from the Rålamb Costume Book

Standard bearer
"Keisarens Vexillifer"
The Turkish title is Bayrakdar.

Soldier carrying the head of a slain enemy to the vizir
"De som bära hufvuden till viziren af dem som de i kriget hafver ihiälslagit"
The hunters, Avcus, formed a special detachment within the army.
This soldier is dressed as a Janissary with a leopard skin.
Pasha at war
"Bassa in Guerra"
The Bey of Rumelia
The janissary detachment of armourers was used for the production of weapons and for transports but also for the discipline in the area around the Hagia Sophia.
Khan of the Crimean Tatars
"Tatar Han"
Herald for Egypt
"Chiaus d'Agipte"
Footmen of the Grand Vizier
"Chaters 12 som gå för Viziren när han kommer uthi Divan"
"12 footmen who go before the Vizier when he goes to the Divan"
Janissary Captain
"Sorbetzi. Officiale de li Janizari"
Janissary herald
"Chiaus de li Janizari"
Infantry colonel
"Ihaia Bassa qui vont au pied devant le Janissar aga"

Yaya was an infantry force from Anatolia.
Janissary Nr 1
"N: 1 / den förnämste Janissar som gå näst Ianis[sar] Aga"
Janissary from Egypt
"Ianissari d'Ag˙pte"
Janissary colonel
"Ianissars Chorbassij qvi vont ā cheval deuant Ianissar aga"
The Levend were irregular land and sea forces, sometimes more like brigands.
in the Janissary music (mehtar) with a zurna trumpet.
Sultan's bodyguard
"Peick qvi vanno innanzi l'Imperatore"
Peyk and solak formed the Sultan's bodyguard.
Sultan's bodyguard
"Peik gå för Keisaren" - 'goes before the Emperor'
Herald for Rumelia
"Rumeli Chiaus"
Governor, Beylerbey, of Bosnia
"Rumeli Beglerbeg de Bosnia"
Palace guard
"Sarail Beckri qui font la garde"
Saray Bekçis
Cavalryman from Cairo
"Spahi di Cairo"
Archer and bodyguard, Solak

"Solak effter Keisaren" 'after the Emperor'
Archer and bodyguard

State courier

Khan of the Crimean Tatars
"Tartare Han"
Artillery sergeant

Captain of the Palace Guard
"Viziri Teffeikzij"
Vezir-i Tüfekçi

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