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Mughal/Moghul Articles and Illustrations of Soldiers

Illustrations of Sultanate of Delhi soldiers of 1450:
Gudarz Slays Piran, Shahnama, Sultanate of Delhi, 14th-15th century. Harvard Art Museums 1919.137 +
Rustam lassos the Khaqan of China and pulls him from his elephant, Shahnama, c.1450, India.
Rustam Kills the Turanian Hero Alkus with his Lance, Jainesque Shahnama, c.1450. David Collection museum, Denmark. +
Gushtasp Slays the Dragon
Rustam Grieving for His Son *
Siyavash faces Afrasiyab across the Jihun River *
Siyavash is Pulled from His Bed and Killed *
Kay Khusrau besieges the castle of Bahman, Shahnama, c.1475, India.
Battle between Turanians and Iranians, Timurid Shahnama, India, late 15th century +

The Moghul Empire by George Gush

16th Century Illustrations of Indian Costume & Soldiers:
'Nanda and Vasueva' from a Bhagavata Purana, c.1520-30, Delhi-Agra area, India *
'Krishna Battles the Armies of the Demon Naraka' from a Bhagavata Purana, c.1520-40, Delhi-Agra area, India *
Prince Akbar Hunting a Nilgae, c.1555 - 1560, India
A prince riding an elephant in procession, north India, c. 1570
The Battle of Mazandaran, from the Hamzanama of Akbar, c. 1570 +
Hamza Burns Zarthust's Chest and Shatters the Urn with his Ashes from the 1570 Hamzanama of Akbar +
Khwaja Umar saved from pursuers from the 1570 Hamzanama of Akbar
The palace depicted illustrates 'the birth of a dream architectural style that became a reality' from the 1570 Hamzanama *
Assad Ibn Kariba Attacks the Army of Iraj Suddenly by Night from the 1570 Hamzanama of Akbar
Mahiya slays Gharrad's companions from the 1570 Hamzanama of Akbar
Ghazanfar insults Hamza and Umar from the 1570 Hamzanama of Akbar
Hamza and Elephant from the 1570 Hamzanama of Akbar
Hunter shooting a leopard, from the 1570-75 Anwar-i Suhaili

Illustrations from the Akbarnama (painted 1590-95):
   1504-Babur receiving the capitulation of Kabul
   1533-Humayun Defeats His Rebellious Brother Kamran At Kabul +
   1535-Flight of Sultan Bahadur During Humayun's Campaign in Gujarat +
   Akbar at Age 13
   1561-Adham Khan pays homage to Akbar at Sarangpur *
   1561-Bairam Khan is assassinated by an Afghan at Patan +
   1561-Bairam Khan's widow and child (Abdul Rahim Khan-I-Khana) are escorted to Ahmedabad
   1561-Akbar riding the elephant Hawa'I pursuing another elephant across a collapsing bridge of boats +
   1561-The Capture of Fort Mertha (Mirtha) Jodhpur, in Rajasthan, by Mirza Sharaf ad-Din Husain +
   1561-The Defeat of Baz Bahadur of Malwa by the Mughal Troops +
   1561-The Submission of the rebel brothers Ali Quli Khan Zaman and Bahadur Khan to Akbar at Karah *
   1561-The Victory of Khan Zaman (Ali Quli Khan) on the river Gomti (or Jumna) +
   1561-The governor of Gagraun fort surrenders the keys to Akbar *
   1562-Pir Muhammad Drowns While Crossing the Narbada +
   1562-Mu'nim Khan Flees to Kabul +
   1562-Akbar receiving Sayyed Beg, ambassador of Shah Tahmasp I of Iran, at Agra the imperial capital +
   1564-An Attempt on Akbar's Life *
   1564-The Capture of Jalalabad +
   1564-The Heroic Death in Battle of Rani Durgavati, ruler of the Gond Kingdom +
   1565-A meeting between the rebel Bahadur Khan and the Mughal emissary Mir Mu'izz al Mulk *
   1565-Akbar Receives Trophies of War from Asaf Khan +
   1565-Battle Scene with Boats on the Ganges +
   Akbar hunting in an enclosure near Lahore while Hamid Bakari is Punished by Having his Head Shaved and Being Mounted on an Ass, 1567 +
   1567-An Episode at Kara (Karah) on the Ganges +
   1567-The Fight between Wazir Khan and Bahadur Khan Against Ali Quli Khan near Chunar +
   1567-Akbar Seizes Booty from the Boats Abandoned by Khan Zaman +
   1567-The War Elephants Citranand and Udiya Collide in Battle +
   1567-Akbar crossing the Ganges on his elephant Udiya, in pursuit of the rebels Khan Zaman and Bahadur Khan +
   1567-The Capture of the Rebel Bahadur Khan +
   1567-The Discovery of the Decapitated Head of Khan Zaman +
   1567-A mine explodes during the siege of Chitor *
   1567-The Jauhar or burning of the Rajput women during the siege of Chitor *
   1568-Akbar shoots the Rajput hero Jaimal at the siege of Chitor *
   1568-Bullocks dragging siege-guns up hill during the attack on Ranthambhor Fort +
   1569-Akbar's forces besieging Rai Surjan Hada's fort of Ranthambhor +
   1569-Akbar directing the attack against Rai Surjan Hada at Ranthambhor Fort *
   1569-Akbar's entry into the fort of Ranthambhor +
   1570-Akbar Being Received by Khan Kilan, the Governor of Nagaur +
   1572-Battle of Patan. The Victory of Qutb ad-Din Khan over Muhammad Husain Mirza at Gujarat +
   1572-The Wounding of Khan Kilan by a Rajput during his march +
   1572-The Battle of Sarnal, Gujarat +
   1572-Akbar's triumphal entry into Surat *
   1573-The Battle Between the Imperial Army and Muhammad Husain Mirza near Ahmadabad +
   1573-Muhammad Husain Mirza Brought Prisoner Before Akbar +
   1573-Mirza Ibrahim Husain Hunting, and his Defeat by the Imperial Troops +
   1573-Akbar receiving his sons at Fathpur after the victorious campaign in Gujarat *
   1576-Daud Shah of Bengal is Taken Prisoner +
   1577-Akbar greeting Rajput rulers and other nobles at court +
   1577-The Battle Preceding the Capture of the Fort at Bundi, Rajasthan +
   Akbar Hunting Black Buck
   Akbar's remorse on the hunting field +
   Akbar Receives Gifts from the Ambassadors of Badakhshan *
   Akbar giving Audience *
Other illustrations made in Akbar's time:
The Baburnama
Krishna and Balarama Fight the Enemy, Harivamsa, c. 1590-95, Mughal India.
Prince Riding on an Elephant, late 16th Century, Khemkaran, Punjab, Mughal India *
Tayang Khan presented with the head of the Mongol leader Ong Khan from Rashid al'Din's Jami' al-Tavarikh, painted 1596 +
Arik Buka defeats Alghu from Rashid al'Din's Jami' al-Tavarikh, painted 1596 +
Toda Mongke and His Mongol Horde, from a Chingiznama (History of Genghis Khan), 1596. Los Angeles County Museum of Art. +
Timur defeats the sultan of Delhi from the Zafarnama painted for Akbar 1595-1600
Prince Riding Prancing Horse. Metmuseum. *
Elephant attacked by four men with fireworks, Walters Art Museum.
An Elephant with Mahout and an Unarmoured Cavalryman with Lance with Pennant, late 16th century. British Museum.
Mughal Troops Chase the Armies of Da'ud, from an Akbarnama, c. 1596-1600. Freer F1954.30 *
Alexander the Great Lassoes an Opponent, 1597-98, from the Khamsa of Amir Khusraw Dihlavi. Walters manuscript W.624 *
The Pandava brothers do battle with the King of Anga, 1598, from the Razmnama. Ashmolean Museum.
Arjuna Battles with the Kauravas at Kuruksheta from the Bhagavad Gita +
Royal Riding Horse and Runner, late 16th Century, Mughal India.
Maharana Pratap (1542-1597) Sisodia clan of Suryavanshi Rajputs

17th Century Illustrations of Indian Costume & Soldiers:
Akbar Fights with Raja Man Singh of Amber
   Raja Man Singh
Death of Sultan Bahadur at Diu in front of the Portuguese, 1537
Akbar, Jahangir and Shah Jahan with their Ministers, painted 1630-31
Painting of Shah 'Abbas, Khan 'Alam and a page
Illustrations of Soldiers from the Padshahnama of Shah Jahan, 1636 +
Other 17th Century Illustrations of Mughal and Maratha Costume & Soldiers: +
The Portuguese conquest of Goa, miniature Deccani painting from circa 1700.

18th Century Illustrations of Indian Costume & Soldiers:
. A procession scene, with an official seated on an elephant, 17th/18th century +
. Sangram Singh Ranawat hawking, Udaipur, 1705 - 08 +
. Bhil Tribespeople from 18th Century Albums
. A warrior, War elephant attacking a horse and rider, Turkoman prisoner & Nawab Sa'd-allahkhan, the wazir of Shajahan, from 18th Century Albums
. King Dasaratha and his retinue proceed to Rama's wedding, 1690-1710, Bahu, Jammu +
. Ram Singh I of Kota hunting rhinoceros from an elephant, circa 1700, Rajasthan
. Maharana Amar Singh, Accompanied by Attendants, circa 1707-1708 +
. Maharana Amar Singh II riding a Jodhpur horse, circa 1700-1710, Udaipur, Rajasthan +
. Maharaja Sidh Sen Receiving an Embassy, 1700-1710 +
. The reception of Jan Joshua Ketelaer, 1712 +
. Murshid Quli Khan holding Durbar by the Bhagirathi River, c.1720 +
. Celebrations of Krishna's birth, circa 1700-1725, Mankot, Jammu
Nadir Shah Invades India by Kodoom
. Mughal Equestrian, Rajasthan, 18th Century.
. Elephant in Battle, Kota, Rajasthan, India, c. 1750-70. +
. Elephants pushing cannons drawn by bullocks, Kota, mid-18th century & a 2nd version on this theme.
. Third Battle of Panipat, 1761. +
. Capture of Daulatabad Fort in 1633, from Lahori’s Padshahnama, circa 1800.
. An official of the British East India Company riding on an elephant.
. Equestrian Portrait of Shah Alam II, 18th century.
Armies Of The Wars In India, 1740 - 1816, by Paul D. Stevenson

Pictures of India from Oriental Memoirs by James Forbes, 1813
Other 19th Century Illustrations of Indian Costume & Soldiers:
. Four Tribal Warriors, Delhi Area, ca. 1815-1816 +
. Kala with Sabre Drawn and Kala in Skinner's Horse Uniform, Delhi Area, ca. 1815-1816 +
. Nine courtiers and servants of the Raja Patiala, c.1817. *
. Begum Samru's Household, 1820. +
. Thakur Dawlat Singh Among Courtiers, 1825 +
. Raja Dhian Singh Hawking, 1830s +
. Raja Dhian Singh on Horseback, 1838 *
. Raja Man Singh, painting of c.1840
. Procession of the Emperor Bahadur Shah to celebrate the feast of the Eid, 1843.
. Mughal Infantryman, c.1850 +
. Procession of Raja Ram Singh II of Kota, c.1850.
. A Pathan Soldier, c.1850, Trichinopoly, India +
. Mahomed Suraj-oo-Deen Shah Gazee, 1857, last Moghul Emperor. *
. A Mogul Trooper, 1858.
. British Indian elephant artillery battery, c. 1860 & an 1858 photo
. Camel Guns And Standard, 1887.

South Indian and Ceylonese Ethnic costume

Modern detailed versions of paintings from the Baburnama, Akbarnama, etc, by Navrang, with the same compositions as the originals. +

Items marked * include large, detailed pictures or + very large, detailed pictures.

See also Vijayanagar
Index of Illustrations of Costume & Soldiers