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18th Century Indian Illustrations

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A procession scene, with an official seated on an elephant, 17th/18th century
Ram Singh I of Kota hunting rhinoceros from an elephant, circa 1700, Rajasthan
King Dasaratha and his retinue proceed to Rama's wedding, 1690-1710, Bahu, Jammu
The Emperor Aurangzeb Carried on a Palanquin
Maharaja Sidh Sen Receiving an Embassy, 1700-1710
Maharana Amar Singh II riding a Jodhpur horse, circa 1700-1710, Udaipur, Rajasthan
Sangram Singh Ranawat hawking, Udaipur, 1705 - 08
Maharana Amar Singh, Accompanied by Attendants, circa 1707-1708
The reception of Jan Joshua Ketelaer, 1712
Celebrations of Krishna's birth, circa 1700-1725, Mankot, Jammu
Murshid Quli Khan holding Durbar by the Bhagirathi River, c.1720
Mughal Equestrian, Rajasthan, 18th Century.
Elephants pushing cannons drawn by bullocks, Kota, mid-18th century
Bhil Tribespeople from 18th Century Albums
Third Battle of Panipat, 1761
Equestrian Portrait of Shah Alam II, 18th century
Elephant in Battle, Kota, Rajasthan, India, c. 1750-70.
A Prince and His Retinue Hunting Waterfowl, West Bengal, ca. 1750 - 1775.
Bhil Tribespeople hunting deer at night, ca. 1775
Thakur Jagat Singh of Mehrun riding horse attended by huqqa bearer and footsoldiers, c. late 18th century
An official of the British East India Company riding on an elephant with an escort of foot soldiers and mounted Indian retainers. End of 18th century.
Capture of Daulatabad Fort in 1633, from Lahoriís Padshahnama, circa 1800

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