The "Klimova Plate"
A Sasanian King Killing a Leopard

A larger image of The "Klimova Plate", A Sasanian King, Shapur III, Killing a Leopard

Dish depicting Shapur III killing leopard.
Silver. Dia. 21.7 cm.
Sogdian inscription, Samarkand script: "37 staters."
Found 1907 vill. Klimova, Solikamskii u., Perm prov. with other Sasanian and Central Asian silver dishes. Acq. from Archaeological Commission 1908; Inv. no. S-42.
Pub.: Smirnov no. 308; Trever and Lukonin no. 4.
State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg :: Sasanian Metalwork.

The lower torso of a very similar figure is referenced as figure 54 in The military technology of classical Islam by D Nicolle
54. Silver plate, Shāpūr II, late 4th century AD, Sassanian, Hermitage, Leningrad (WRW).

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