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Umayyad Stucco Statuette of a Horse, Khirbat al Mafjar, Palestine, early 8th century AD.
Rockefeller Museum, East Jerusalem.

Photo by Alex Brey

Referenced on p.249, "The Iconography of a Military Elite: Military Figures on an Early Thirteenth-Century Candlestick (Part II)" by David Nicolle, in Mamlūk Studies Review Vol. 19, 2016
Photograph 49. Fragment of a stucco statuette of a horseman, showing stirrup leathers although the foot and stirrup are lost, from Khirbat al-Mafjar [Qaṣr Hishām], Jericho, Umāyyad, early 8th century (Rockefeller Museum, East Jerusalem, Palestine).

Referenced as figure 126 in The military technology of classical Islam by D Nicolle
126. Fragmented statue from Khirbat al Mafjar, mid-8th century AD, Palestinian, Palestine Archaeological Museum, East Jerusalem (Ham).

Other Umayyad statues and fresco from Khirbat al-Mafjir, Palestine, early 8th century AD.
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