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Detail of Bezeklik (Bšzšklik) Fresco

Painting on the south wall of the main building, Temple No. 9, Bšzšklik

A larger image of this Bezeklik fresco, south wall of the main building, Temple No. 9

Source: Chotscho by Albert von Le Coq Plate 21
In the centre of the image is an armoured rider. Beyond the horse is a dog. On the near side is an armed man. He carries a slightly curved sword in a black scabbard, the handle has short quillons and a red cord wrist loop. Another armed man to their front points the way. Both are drawn small, with East Asian features. He has a dagger on his belt; a long, broad, straight sword; an unstrung bow in a tiger skin sheath; on his right he carries a very large quiver of conspicuous form. The full description in German

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