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17th century resources:
The Spanish army in Renaissance Warfare by George Gush
The French army in Renaissance Warfare by George Gush
The Imperialist army in Renaissance Warfare by George Gush
The Dutch army in Renaissance Warfare by George Gush
Hungarian Hussar, tournament regalia
Inauguration of the chief of the O'Neills at Tullaghoge on a Map of Ulster by Richard Bartlett, 1602
'Book of Fixed Stars' by al Sufi, Medina, 1602AD, Copenhagen ms Arabe 83
An "Irish lackey" with dart & sword, from the "Travel Album of Hieronymus Tielch," c.1603.
'Book of Fixed Stars' by al Sufi, 1607AD, Ms. Garrett 2259 Yehuda
Royal figures from Speed's 1610 map of The Kingdome of Scotland
Borsó Benedekt (Benedictus Borso) of Cernek, Hungary, 17th century.
Ottomans in the Tarjumah-i Shahnamah, 1616-1620AD
Ottoman Military Illustrations from Peter Mundy's Album, A briefe relation of the Turckes, 1618
Isa Khan, Qurchibashi Of Shah Abbas I of Persia, c1618
Ottoman Military Illustrations from Hans Sloan's 'The Habits of the Grand Signor's Court', c.1620
Georgian Cavalrymen by Italian missionary Don Cristoforo de Castelli, 17th Century.
Portrait of a Young Persian Man in European Style clothes, 1630
Ottoman Tüfekçi Soldiers in a Pāshānameh, c. 1630. British Museum, Sloane 3584, folio 20a
Four 'Irish' mercenaries in Stettin during the Thirty Years War.
A Laplander, a Livonian, an Irishman and a Scot in the broadsheet: Auß Lap vnd Liefflandt
The Swedish army in Renaissance Warfare by George Gush
1632 model of a Swedish 30 Years' War Regimental piece and carriage
Pacata Hibernia : or, A history of the wars in Ireland during the reign of Queen Elizabeth, 1633
Polish and Hungarian Soldiers after Johann Wilhelm Baur, 1636AD
Illustrations of Indian Soldiers from the Padshahnama of Shah Jahan, 1636
A Young Persian Man Entertained Outdoors, an illustration from a Diwan of Baqi, 1636
17th Century Illustrations of Mughals and Marathas
Pictures of Ottomans from the Zamoyski Album, 1640-1648
Hungarian Hussar, tournament regalia, 17th century
Illustrations of Cossacks & Tatars from the late 17th century Remezov's Chronicle by Semyon Ulyanovich Remezov
Coloured images of Russians by Fedor Grigor'evich Solntsev, after Adam Olearius
'Russian armament from the 14th century until the second half of the 17th century' by Aleksandr Viskovatov
Ottoman Military Illustrations from the Ralamb Costume Book, 1657
Highland figures from Speed's 1662 map of The Kingdome of Scotland
Scotch figures from Speed's 1662 map of The Kingdome of Scotland
Frescos in the main hall of the Chehel Sotoun in Isfahan, Persia, c.1667
The present state of the Ottoman Empire by Sir Paul Rycaut, 1667
Persian Shah Sulaiman, 1670
Lord Mungo Murray (1668-1700), a Scotish Highland Chieftain, by John Michael Wright.
Persian Illustration from the Tarikh-i jahanara of 1683 of The Battle of Najm of Shah Isma‘il against the Lurs
Dr. Kaempfer's Album of Persian Costumes and Animals, 1684-5 (including musketeers & cavalry)
Illustration of Musket Armed Soldier in Persian Costume, 1680s
View of Eperjes, with Turks fleeing from Hungarians, by Justus van der Nypoort, 1686

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