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Georgian miniatures from a mid 17th century manuscript of Shota Rustaveli's poem,
The Knight in the Panther's Skin.

King Rostevan and Avtandil encounter a mysterious stranger.

King Rostevan and Avtandil go hunting.
A miniature by unknown painter from the 1646 manuscript
This manuscript of "The Knight in Panther's Skin" (Vephkhistqaosani) was created in the mid 17th century in a Mkhedruli script. The influence of Iranian miniatures is evident. Besides mentioning stylistic impact, it should be noted that on one illustration Avtandil, one of the heroes of Rustaveli's poem, is writing from right to left - in the direction opposite to Georgian writing.

See also Georgian Cavalryman - The Knight in Pantherís Skin - Vephkhistqaosani. Georgian manuscript copied by Mamuka Tavakarashvili, ms. H599, folio 255, 17th Century.
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