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Ṭūmān Bāy

Source: Georg Greblinger: Wahre Abbildungen der Türckischen Kayser vnd Persischen Fürsten / so wol auch anderer Helden und Heldinnen von dem Osman / biß auf den andern Mahomet. Johann Ammon, Frankfurt 1648
after Johann Theodor de Bry (1561–1623), 1590s

Figure 10. in Sultans with Horns: The Political Significance of Headgear in the Mamluk Empire by Albrecht Fuess
Latin inscription reads: “The affairs of Egypt are in doubt. Leave the scepter, which you cannot hold with a broken neck [Ṭūmān Bāy was hanged]. The affairs of the Circassians are of utmost importance for the faithful. You deserve great praise, even though destiny was against you.”

See also Sultan Qansawh al-Ghawri after Johann Theodor de Bry
Egyptian Illustrations of Costume and Soldiers