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Illustrations from the manuscript of:

The pilgrimage of the Knight Arnold von Harff from Cologne through Italy, Syria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Nubia, Palestine, to Turkey, France and Spain, as he has completed in the years 1496 to 1499, described and illustrated by drawings.

Bodleian Library, MS. Bodl. 972. An account of Arnolf Van Harff's travels in 1496-1499. Produced in 1554

St. Jakob zu Compostella.1rSt. James at Compostella.
Der Doge.36rThe Doge.
Venezianische Frauen.40rVenetian women.
Trachten der Griechen und Türken.53vCostumes of the Greeks and Turks.
Der Sultan (Vizekönig) in Cairo.59rThe Sultan (Viceroy) in Cairo.
Tracht der Christen, Heiden, Türken und Juden.67vCostume of Christians, Pagans, and Jews.
Tracht der Mameluken.72vCostume of the Mamelukes.
Kleidung und Lebensweise der Weiber in Cairo.74rClothing and lifestyle of women in Cairo.
Kleidung und Lebensweise der Weiber in Cairo.74vClothing and lifestyle of women in Cairo.
Das Kameel bei den Carawanenzügen.80rThe camel in the caravan train.
Tracht und Rüstung der Araber.81rCostume and Arms of the Arabs.
Die Amazonen.92rThe Amazons.
Tracht der Gascognier.96rCostume of Gascons.
Die Bewohner von Lack.144vThe residents of Lack.
Frauenkleidung in Biscaien.145vWomen's Clothing in Biscaien.
Trachten in der Bretagne.152rCostumes in Brittany.

The 1860 printed edition of The pilgrimage of the Arnold von Harff

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