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Mamluk Bronze mirror by al-Waziri

66. Bronze mirror with silver and gold inlay from Syria. Made by the Master al-Waziri for a Mamluk governor. Mid-14th-century. diam. c. 6 in. (16.7 cm.). Topkapi Sarayi Museum, Istanbul. The unusually well preserved silver inlay of this mirror gives a particularly good idea of the high quality of design and craftsmanship of Syrian metalworkers in the 14th Century. The tradition of the 13th century is carried on without interruption but at the same time a richness of detail and a perfection of figure drawing developed that has few counterparts in the earlier work.
The world of Islam by Ernst J. Grube, p.110.

Referenced as figure 132 in The military technology of classical Islam by D Nicolle
132. Engraved steel mirror, late 13th century AD, Syrian, Topkapu Museum, Istanbul (Grub W).

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