Illustrations from

An Armenian Gospels
of Cilician Armenia, 1320AD

The Betrayal & Arrest of Jesus

Matenadaran Collection MS7651

The Gospels (MS7651)
E. Korkhmazian, I. Drampian, G. Hakopian, "Armenian Manuscripts of the 13th and 14th centuries", Matenadaran Collection, Leningrad, 1984
The arrest
Author: Stepanos. Eight artists, Sargis Pidzak among them
Date: 1320
Place: Cilicia
Current Place: Matenadaran (Yerevan)
Material & Size: Parchment, 22.5 X 16.7 cm

Christ brought before Caiaphas

Matenadaran Collection MS7651

Christ brought before Caiaphas

This manuscript is referenced as figure 248 in The military technology of classical Islam by D Nicolle
248. Manuscript, Massacre of the Innocents, mid-13th century AD, Armenian Cilicia, Matenadaran Lib., Ms. 7651, Yerevan (Dou).

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