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Lustreware bowl of palace scene, Ghazni, 13th century.
National Museum Afghanistan.

51 Ghaznavid lustreware bowl of palace scene, 13th century A.D. (d. 21.7 cm)
National Museum Afghanistan Pictorial Guide, 1974

Museum No.: Isl.p Gh. 1376. 43a & b
[The 13th century is too late for 'Ghaznavid', but, it could just be from Ghazni.]

This Glazed ceramic bowl is representing a Palace scene of Ghaznavid style. This masterpiece demonstrates artistic flourishing during this early Islamic period in Afghanistan.

History of the Object
This Bowl is with a flat base, convex body, and inverted rim. The inside of the bowl is consisting of palace scene of Ghaznavid ruler.

Materials: Ceramic
Measurements: Diem; 8 cm
Where it was made: Ghazni
Geography: Afghanistan
Time period: AD 11th century ~ AD 13th century
Creation date: 11st -13th century CE, Islamic period
Acquisition: Excavation done through Italian Archaeological Mission to Afghanistan
Owner: National Museum of Afghanistan
Source: Virtual Collection of Asian Masterpieces

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